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Reliable website maintenance services, website management and ongoing support services.

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Helping you Maintain your Online Presence

Reliable Website Maintenance

Updating and maintaining your website on a regular basis.

Happy User = Happy Customer

Providing professional and reliable website maintenance services, keeping your website up to date, secure and functioning correctly 24/7. Daily, weekly or monthly options are available and our prices are flexible and affordable for all business types and individuals.

All updates will be completed within 24 hours of notification and we also carry out regular website health checks (and fix any problems) to ensure the smooth running of your website and continued happiness of your website visitors.

Key Features

Regular Page and Content Updates | Improved Usability | Software Updates | Plug-In Updates | Regular Back-Ups | Iron Out Bugs | Fix Page Errors | Improved Security | WordPress Updates | Improved SEO | Hosting + SSL Management | Email Troubleshooting | Frequent Testing | Analytics Management | Improved Page Speed | Improved Website Performance | Health Checks | Social Media Management | Technical Support

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Website Audit

NXGEN Design will carry out a free audit/assessment of your current website, where we will quickly identify any errors, provide solutions and suggest improvements.

Fixing Your Current Website

If your current website is experiencing problems, we can help to find and fix any broken links, programming bugs, page errors and iron out any compatibility issues.

Affordable and effective website maintenance services in Bournemouth, Southbourne, Christchurch, Poole and Dorset.

Regular Updates!

Regular and reliable website maintenance services, keeping your website up to date and operating at 100% capacity 24/7.

Page + Content Updates

Keeping your website content up to date and relevant will help to keep your customers informed and improve your search rankings. We can help with all types of content updates, including your latest news, blog items, portfolio and gallery, events, projects, services and products.

Software Updates

Regular software updates are critical when protecting your website from potential security issues. We provide reliable services to keep your website software and plug-ins up to date, error free and secure.

Regular Site Healthchecks

We carry out frequent testing of your website, including security, speed, compatibility and finding/fixing errors to ensure 100% performance for your website visitors.

Improving and Enhancing!

Professional and reliable website maintenance services that will enable your website to evolve, grow and succeed online.

We provide a variety of options that will help to improve your website and enhance the end user experience. Our team will add new features, new pages, plug-ins, design/visual improvements, security upgrades, improve SEO and page speeds, source new images, design new graphics, suggest content updates and frequently test/monitor the website to ensure it runs smoothly 24/7.

Guarantee Visitor Satisfaction

Keeping your website frequently updated, operating at 100% capacity, quick to display and easy to use.

Keeping your website Safe and Secure!

Updating your website with the latest software releases and patches to improve security.

NXGEN Design will help to keep your website safe, secure and free from errors. We constantly monitor your website and respond quickly to install the latest software and plug-in updates (whilst ironing out any compatibility issues). We will also back-up your website on a frequent basis, perform regular security scans, manage SSL (installation and renewal), iron out bugs and fix any page errors.

Ongoing Management Services!

Professional and Reliable

Social Media Management

Managing your social media accounts on an ongoing basis, including updating header/banner images, profile images, sourcing suitable content, creating new content and posting regular articles.

Web Hosting - Email - Domains - SSL

We provide professional and reliable web hosting, email, domains and SSL management services. This will include dealing (and fixing) any problems with your website hosting account and email provider, ordering and renewing domain names and SSL installation and renewal.

Google Analytics

Our team will monitor your analytical data on a regular basis, research, suggest and apply improvements to your campaigns and send you monthly statistics/reports.

PPC Management

Developing and managing ongoing Pay Per Click campaigns that deliver targeted traffic to your website. This includes initial set-up, configuration, ongoing adjustments and regular reports aimed at maximising your exposure and boosting your search engine rankings.

Email Campaigns / Newsletter

Managing your email campaigns and newsletters, including initial set-up, layout, design and we can also help with sourcing suitable content (including royalty free images). We will monitor each campaign, make adjustments when needed and send you regular reports and data about each campaign.

Our reliable website maintenance services will ensure your website is always up to date, safe and secure, quick to display and easy to use, enhancing the end user experience and guaranteeing visitor satisfaction.


Website Maintenance frequently asked questions.

What is website maintenance?

Regular website maintenance can be split into two categories, firstly, your website uses a lot of technology, and as this technology evolves, a website will need to evolve with it or face potential security issues and/or display/functionality issues. Secondly, your website should not be a static representation of your business but an organic representation, so page updates (content updates including text and images) are essential for search rankings and most importantly keeping your visitors informed and up to date.

So, maintaining your website on a regular basis will keep your website up to date, safe, secure and functioning at 100% capacity.

Why does my website need regular maintenance?

Your website needs to be maintained on a regular basis for a multitude of reasons, including freshening up content (keeping your customers up to date with all your latest developments), improving security (making your website safer to use and error free), improving SEO (boost search rankings) and upgrading your software and plug-ins to ensure 100% functionality.

How quickly do you respond?

We carry out the majority of updates on the same day (especially crucial security updates/patches), although content updates will be completed within 24 hours of notification.

Frequency of updates?

We can update your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirements.

How much will it cost?

The cost will vary depending on the services required, so a rough guide below:

Pay as you Go
£45.00 per hour
Software + Plug-In Updates and Back-Ups
From £90.00 per month
Content Updates (Text, images etc)
From £90.00 per month
Full Maintenance Services
From £180.00 per month

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